If you imagine the crème de la crème of female perfection, what comes to mind?

She is stylish. She is cultured. She is effortlessly sexy, and definitely skinny.

Most of all she is French. And, without even trying, she is better than you.

Well, friends, I have happy news.

After moving to Paris five years ago, I am now on the cusp of officially becoming French myself. A French passport with my name on should arrive in the post any day now, and I stand ready to sing La Marseillaise at my nationality ceremony wearing a classically-tailored outfit in neutral colours and no makeup except a chic smudge of red lipstick.

But, as I prepare to join this elite class of female perfection, don’t think I have forgotten my sorry British roots. Or the poor Anglophone women who will never become as French as me.


I want to bring you with me on this journey so you too can become as French, and as humanly perfect, as possible.*

How do French women get dressed in the morning? Do they really eat croissants for breakfast? What makes them so much better at relationships, sex and eating cheese? And which French pharmacy products really are essentials?

I’ll find out the answers to these questions and more, as together we discover what it truly means to be a Real French Girl.


*Please note, you will probably not become as French as me.