"Makeup’s not here to change you, or to enhance you.

It’s just there for you to have fun. For you to celebrate who you are. For you to express yourself."


I know, I know. She’s gorgeous, stylish and she has some kind of floaty job for Estée Lauder, but makeup artist Violette is more than just a basic French Girl, I promise.

Firstly, she’s funny.

Secondly, in the best possible way, she’s bonkers.

Motivated by an unstoppable enthusiasm for makeup, she bustles around New York like a kind of sparkly-trousers wearing Willie Wonka of the beauty world, finding colour inspiration in soft-boiled egg yolks and always carrying ten lipsticks in her handbag. Inside the body of this sophisticated, Parisian-looking woman lives an eternal twelve year-old, flush with new pocket money, and heading straight for the Barry M dazzle dust.

See, Violette’s breathy French voice and her beauty expertise are a kind of Trojan horse. They lure you in to what you think will be a generic lecture on how you just need to find the right skincare routine, blah, blah, but, wait, what? She’s giving us the what’s, where’s, and why’s of how to wear blue lipstick as a daily look. And now she’s gleefully chucking multicoloured paint all over a model’s face. Then she’s showing us how to draw purple shapes on our faces or cover our eyelids in diamanté stars, all in five minutes in the back of a taxi.

Basically, Violette's attitude to beauty and life is actually as un-French as it gets; she wants us to be colourful. To have fun. To forget the rules.

Also, for someone who probably has unlimited access to the world’s most exclusive makeup ranges, she repeatedly claims one of her favourite products is this €8.99 KIKO blusher.

Cheers to that.

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