Because there’s more to the city of light than baguettes.

Kintaro is a one-stop-shop for all your Japanese food needs (except sushi. All the others though.)

Living in Paris can only be a temporary thing. The apartments are too small. The pollution is too bad. People foist their bad moods on you too easily and too often. I’ve promised myself I’ll leave Paris, one day, and when I think about this one of the things I’ll really miss is the little collection of streets east of Pyramides and south of Opera that is full of Japanese and Korean restaurants.

I mean it’s full of them. Ramen place, next to udon counter, next to sushi place. Twenty minutes journey from my home I can go on a culinary voyage where the food is cheap, plentiful and delicious. You sate almost any appetite for Japanese cuisine here, most of it in Kintaro alone.

The menu at Kintaro is huge enough that I’d feel confident bringing a picky eater here, and it makes a great place for ogling your neighbours food. Curries, bento boxes, crispy pinko breaded chicken and all sorts more fly out of the kitchen.

And there’s ramen. I nearly always get udon soy ramen with sweet tofu, because it’s an intriguing combination of umami broth, chubby, chewy noodles and spongy, sugary tofu that I’ve never tasted anywhere else. It’s addictive and strange, and I can’t get beyond ordering it.

But the puffed rice tea tastes charred and wonderful, there is an impressive selection of matcha desserts and the staff are also great. All of them. They don’t mind if you want to change tables, will happily chat to you about what to choose, and even share a few laughs as you order.

Truly a vacation from everyday Paris.


Kintaro is at 24 Rue Saint-Augustin, 75002, Paris.

Japanese food at Kintaro, Paris
Edamane, kimchi and puffed rice tea at Kintaro

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