Being a Parisian woman is more than just a simple question of location.


It's actually a generic set of rules such which can be applied to nearly every situation. 

Disposing of daily rubbish is actually quite a chore for us Parisians because we all live in charming attic apartments up six flights of stairs with no lift. But it can still be done with elegance and flair.

So, here's how to take out the bins, the Parisienne way.

What to wear:

Now, more than ever, an all black wardrobe will be your best friend. Not only will you look impossibly slim and mysterious, but an ebony ensemble will also help you conceal all kinds of refuse-related misfortunes. Like bin juice on your jeans.

A spritz of a robust scent is also highly advised to combat any pungent odours. Chanel no. 5, for example.

Potential pitfalls:

It’s hard, even for the most glamorous of French women, to look seductive while carrying bags overflowing with old yoghurt pots and wilted lettuce. As such, it’s best to do this chore at night, under the cover of darkness, when none of your neighbours will spot you. Or ideally to hire someone to do it for you.

How to take out the bins like a Parisienne:

Tie up the top of the bin bag using the plastic handles. Remove the bag from the bin, also using the handles.

As you step outside of your apartment to carry the contents to your communal rubbish area, take care to look as though you are thinking of something immensely profound, and perhaps slightly sad, even though you are undertaking a menial chore. If your neighbours are watching, take a moment to wistfully take in the night sky.

Open the correct bin and place bag inside.

Et voila!

Wheelie bins
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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