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When the Devil Wears Prada's Andy Sachs can't decide between her new job and her old dreams, there's only one way for her to find out who she really is - A trip to Paris.




 Spoilers ahead.

Andy Sachs, serious journalist

Andy Sachs wants to be a serious journalist. That’s why, when we first meet her on her way to a job interview in New York she's striding down the street in a sensible pair of shoes and a beige corduroy jacket. She's far too busy being serious to wear nice clothes or even think about brushing her hair, ok?

But, when the job turns out to be at a prestigious fashion magazine, Runway, it looks like Andy’s ballsed it up before she’s even opened her mouth. Then she does open her mouth and it’s to tell the editor, Miranda, she hasn’t bothered to read a copy of Runway before coming to meet her.

Miranda is a cold, spiky icicle queen who has eviscerated all human emotion from her being. But she inexplicably decides Andy is the woman for the job and hires her on the spot. Hooray for Andy!

New job, new Andy

Instead of being relieved she doesn’t have to do another unpaid journalism internship, Andy spends her first few weeks complaining to anyone who will listen (mostly just her boyfriend Nate) about how hard she’s working and how ridiculous her fashionable colleagues and new boss are. But as much as she finds them all terribly superficial, she's also in her early 20s and desperate for their approval. In this case there is only one way to get it - she must take up a hairbrush and become fashionable.

We, the audience, are cruelly denied a make-over montage but next time we see Andy she had definitely brushed her hair and everyone is very impressed. In fact, ice-queen Miranda is so impressed that she invites Andy to Paris with her, cruelly crushing the dreams of her assistant Emily who wanted to go instead.

Little does Andy realise how her new sassy wardrobe will throw her life into disarray. As if shitting on everyone’s-favourite-character, Emily, wasn’t enough, her personal life starts falling to pieces. Poor old Nate just wants to stay in and eat cheese toasties like they used too but Andy’s now too busy doing fashionable things like wearing black and answering her phone. Her friends don’t know her anymore. She hasn’t written any serious new stories for months...

In fact, who even is she anymore??

Time for a trip to Paris!

After a few, obligatory shots of the Champs Elysees, Andy checks into a posh hotel and pops open a bottle of champagne. She’s wearing a very Dior outfit, her hair is wavy and she can probably see the Eiffel Tower from her hotel window. She is living the Parisian dream.

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But everything is not as it seems. Paris Fashion Week quickly reveals itself to be a hive of professional backstabbing, tattered personal lives and love interests who wear limp, bohemian scarves. Worst of all, Miranda herself is orchestrating all this misery and she thinks Andy’s got potential to be the Marshmallow to her Princess Elsa. Didn’t she stab Emily in the back to come to Paris? Didn’t she ruin Nate’s birthday because she was working late?

In a moment of awakening Andy realises this is All Very Wrong. She needs to leave Paris and her job - ASAP!

Who Andy Really Is

Cut to New York, and a very un-fashionable cafe with plastic bottles of ketchup on the tables. Andy is safely back on American soil and has remembered Who She Really Is. That’s someone who does like to eat cheese sandwiches with her boyfriend after all. She gives Emily all the clothes she got in Paris and gets a job at a little newspaper. Although she will keep brushing her hair, she will never go to Paris again.

What a relief!

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